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When it comes to digital signage, it is appropriate for all industries and purposes. See below for just a handful of the sectors we cater for.

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Salons, Retail and Cosmetic

Digital displays can help you create and maintain a competitive edge and further enhance your brand to new and existing customers alike. 

Promote products, available appointments and time sensitive offers even when the business is closed. 

More and more beauty salons, barbers, cosmetic clinics and retail are turning to digital signage to attract the masses and ensure that their key products and services are seen. 

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Food & Drink 

Digital Menu Boards work by grabbing and keeping the customers attention and then informing them on the offers you want to promote, whilst adding motion to increase impact!

Showcase your food in glorious high definition and with a vivid LCD panel; your food will never look better.  Digital Menu Boards can also be updated instantly and at no extra cost, unlike print menus; this results in a huge saving as there are no distribution costs.

It also allows you to change information such as pricing, or allergy information, in an instant.

Self service kiosks are proving popular in this industry also, not only do they help to reduce queue times, but they are proven to increase average order values and are operational 24/7, saving you on staffing costs.


Hospitality is all about treating visitors like royalty, from hotels to banquet halls these kinds of venues have a captive audience looking for information. 

When placed in lobbies, hallways, bars and restaurants Digital Signage is a great way to advertise all of the venue’s facilities, offers and incentives. 

Compared to traditional print, Digital Signage has one major advantage in its ability to update in real time. A venue hosting a major conference can display a personal welcome message to attendees in an instant or a hotel in the middle of the city can display local sightseeing attractions or events for guests to visit.

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Digital Signage displays are transforming the way that healthcare facilities communicate with staff and patients. 

Whether they are used for wayfinding or for displaying healthcare information, digital displays offer a chance for hospitals to engage, interact and ultimately improve the whole healthcare experience for a patient. Installing a digital display in a waiting room can lessen the perceived waiting times for appointments, thus reducing the stress and anxiety that some patients might be feeling. 


Digital Signage within education does not just stop at Touch Screens. Internal communication within schools and colleges is often an area that is overlooked. 

But with hundreds of students the need to convey information to them as quickly as possible is essential. From room changes and school events to emergency announcements Digital Signage screens can be updated instantly. A more recent trend has been to place digital signage in reception areas of schools. The displays are great as they come in many sizes and can fit any space. These are definite showstoppers and a real focal point for students and visitors alike.

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Gyms and Fitness

Digital displays are able to entertain and inform gym members as they work out. Gym goers are looking out for anything to engage them while working out, Digital displays work great in these environments as you already have an extremely captive audience.

From class timetables to health tips, you have the target market right in front of you to present relevant fitness and promotional materials. Bright and colourful content is sure to stand out in a loud gym full of physical activity. You can even tailor what is displayed on each screen to specific parts of the gym.

Estate Agents

If like many other agents, you are paying a premium for your high street location, it makes sense to ensure your window display is performing to it’s maximum.

With constantly changing inventory, digital signage allows estate agents to easily update
and display their latest properties to those passing by
. Create attention
grabbing content consisting of property information, fs messages and other
products, along with eye catching photography to attract new buyers, vendors
and landlords alike. From digital A4 pockets, window displays to internal displays, these can set
you apart from the fierce competition.

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Estate Agents, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Councils, Dentists, Solicitors, Attractions, Car Dealers, Restaurants, Take Away, Clothes Shop, Holiday Parks, Beauty Salons, Airport, Casinos, Property developer, Armed Forces, Surgeries, Funeral Services, Hospitals, Hotels, Insurance, Transport, Unions, Retailers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Gyms, Health Clubs, Spas, Golf Clubs, Pharmacies, Cosmetic Clinics, Government, Health Care, Retirement Villages, Leisure Centres, Garages 

And many more…

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