Become a Host

Longfield Media have been building partnerships with like minded family attractions, where we can supply them with digital signage completely free of charge!

Longfield Media two-removebg-preview Become a Host

Do you match the below?

Do you run a busy family attraction such as a zoo, theme park or shopping centre?

Are you open all year round?

Do you attract over 100,000 visitors annually?

Have you been thinking about using digital signage to communicate to your visitors?

We have already partnered with some great attractions and are looking to expand further.

By having your own free digital display you can,

Promote key information

Seasonal passes

Time sensitive offers

Our screens are extremely versatile and can be sited either indoors or outdoors and can be freestanding of mounted.

We look after all the installation, maintenance, and ongoing support throughout the partnership.

How can we offer this for free?

Simply put, we offset the cost usually imposed on our customers, be agreeing to reserve screen time for locally sourced advertisers.

All advertisers that we work with would have to meet your pre-approved conditions which would be discussed before partnering.

There is absolutely zero cost to joining as a host venue, so give us a call or email to discuss.

See below for a list of some of our partner venues, who have enjoyed the benefits of working with us.