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Longfield Media Limited
12 Google reviews
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Laura Downing
Love this screen! It brings our exhibition stands to life, makes us look super professional and allows us to display lots of useful info quickly and easily. When not at events we use it in the reception of our office. Everyone comments about how good it looks. Matt and Jake are super professional and brilliant at communicating. We had a small issue with our screen and they called out to sort it ASAP. Thanks guys
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Kate Duke
Jake & Longfield Media has been fantastic to work with. Thank you for making it so easy for our school to reach a family-friendly audience with high footfall via the screen at Colchester Zoo.
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David Stanhope
Working in the Tourism & Leisure industry can certainly have its hurdles but working with Matthew and Jake has been anything but difficult! The team have provided excellent customer service, with fast action and response. When I first joined my role, they were great at explaining the relationship between the company, the service that their company provides and how their advertising system works. They are extremely vigilant with their software and the service they provide; quickly spotting any areas of concern and providing brilliant advice and providing solutions that are quick, cost-effective and easy ways that the team can use which don’t require them to be IT specialists! Working with Longfield has been an absolute pleasure.
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Ellie Carter
Great company to work with, staff are very friendly and are always happy to help. We will continue to use Longfield Media for our advertisement at local attractions.
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Emma Wilson
Jake and the team at Longfield Media have made advertising our brand easy. The communication has been brilliant and allowing us to change our images throughout the year has been key to keeping on brand. We look forward to working with the team more going forward. 2cHolidays
Longfield Media ACg8ocIVd1iR4fs1O3CjyY9g5vxb2UPp3IZ2VogyeAxcVbbe=s120-c-rp-mo-br100 Home
Yasmin Paterson
Five star service, would highly recommend to anyone looking to give their business a boost. Always very responsive and efficient. And our advert looks amazing!
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New Hall School
We were attracted by the varied locations that are the kind of family-friendly options we look for, initially opting for a digital display in Colchester Zoo. The team are quick to respond, friendly, and offered the kind of flexibility we needed to promote a few events in the length of one campaign. We gladly renewed for another campaign.
Longfield Media ACg8ocLbB-rfg6YfzALb4Nq7q85lDlAMPC36_2iVrDmeyeRg=s120-c-rp-mo-br100 Home
Nicola Sanders
We use Longfield to advertise at local attractions. It's a great OOH advertising option which allows us to reach a wider audience.
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Rebecca Willers
We recently had two TV screens installed within the grounds of our wildlife park. They look very professional and have been attracting large crowds. We were very pleased with the service we received from Matt and Jake and would definitely recommend this company to other attractions looking to install media screens in their establishments.
Longfield Media ALV-UjVYuOUwZhZRDhS1KDcn5fkKx3Wr5WOjVbZ89zoVXfh0DQ=s120-c-rp-mo-br100 Home
Jimmys Farm & Wildlife Park
We have found working with Longfield Media to be really beneficial. They are always happy to update the signage on our screens meaning we get the best exposure ahead of events. The fact that we get our adverts on their partners screens around the area, free of charge, is a real win for us. The community they have built is lovely to be a part of and we look forward to working with them in the future as they build the network. We would recommended them to anyone.
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